Saturday, February 27, 2016

Feb. 18 2016

Hey everyone! sorry this is going to be another shorty but its a serbin holiday and the email place is shhut down so what can you do ya know.
This week I got a new companion elder sheesley. He's a good hard worker so we should get some work done this transfer.
This week other than that has been usual stuff. Just trying to find people to teach at the moment but we are already starting to see success so thats good. We start up teaching english again this coming week and i cant wait because we have a really cool english student that we're starting to work with.
But thats really it for this week i promise next weeks email will be better. Serbi and their holidays and work schedules is crazy. anyways talk to you guys next week!
I resent this because apparently there were some problems last week with the email so if youre getting this twice, sorry

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