Saturday, February 27, 2016

Feb. 8th 2016

hey everyone!

so i dont have a lot of time today because i need to drive my companion to the airport because hes going to Montenegro and my new companion is flying in from Sarajevo. Aannndd im staying here. So theres that. I dont know much about my new companion. He trained my companion from the MTC but thats pretty much all I know. So we'll see i'll let you know more about it next week.

As of things concerning this week. We have a really cool english student that we have been teaching. hes trying to move his family to Canada for a better paying job but he needs to know english first. So we've been teaching him and giving him fake interviews and stuff. He is learning really fast which is cool. One thing we like to do is take stories out of the liahona church magazine and have him read them and pick out words and phrases he doesnt know. well one day we ended early and we were just talking to him and he just kinda looked at us, then looked down at the story, then looked up and said, "what makes your religion different?" Then me and my companion looked at each other then looked back at him and in a since were kinda like "well let us tell you why we're different" haha. It was good. we talked about the restoration and prayer and how it could help him. It was really good and he seemed into it. So we'll see where this takes us.

Other than that since im the branch clerk i had to be there for the audit. That sure was exciting. And tonight we're going over to a members house for sarma😍 i love sarma. But yeah talk to you next week!

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