Saturday, February 27, 2016

Jan 18th 2016

Hello all!

What a week. Not really actually it was pretty plain. But every week is a good week when you're in the service of God!

So this week we had zone conference. Lately we have been talking a lot about the fall and atonement as related to the plan of salvation; Since most questions people have can be answered through the plan of Salvation. Its good stuff. I've really learned a lot.

One thing the department of missionary work had been stressing is teaching repentance. You want to know what word i hate? repentance. its such a negatively connotated word when in actuality its one of the greatest gifts we have been given. when people hear repentance people usually think things like pain, and sorrow, and grief and just an overall hard negitive associations with this word. Well.. back when the bible was still in greek the word for repentance was metaneo. Which means a change, or an inward change. when the bible was moved into latin they changed the word to poenitire which means to feel regret or anguish. then thus being translated to english as repent, still carrying the latin meaning. This has been deemed to most theologist as an "utter mistranslation". and they would be correct. repentance does not cause pain but the sin. repentance is the gift we have to change or turn away from that sin and follow Christ, For which i am forever grateful.

Sooo thats really all i have for this week. Talk to you next week!

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