Saturday, February 27, 2016

Feb. 1st. Almost to 6 months out

Hi everyone!

Well this week wasnt too exciting either. Surprise. But I was pretty busy being in Beograd and whatnot so it was pretty chill.

So lets see where do i begin. I had Mcdonalds for the first time in like 6 months! I never actually thought i would miss McDonalds but i can definitely say i dont miss the way i felt after i ate it. Worth it though. I think.

Other than that just normal missionary work. So contacting pretty much all day. But Beograd is so big that you need to take trams and buses all over your area or you'll never get anywhere. We also taught english and the Beograd beginners english class is hilarious. Theres these two women in there that constantly fight with one another about how to say things (and both of them are usually wrong) so when we would correct them they would look and fight about who was the closest. And when me and the zone leader would talk to each other one of them would freak out and say we talk to fast and that it sounds like chinese. Then i spoke chinese to her and she just dropped her pencil and gave up haha.

And since i was told by someone to put in more stories i will add one more for the amusement of all who may be reading. So on the way to go to the church we had to catch a bus. we were late to the bus. So there we were running to the bus and right before the bus shut the doors the zone leader jumped on then i jumped but my foot didnt land all the way in the bus, but rather on the slippery metal edge, and i fell into the bus to the amusement of a group of about 12 serbian teenagers. awesome.

So yeah. Other than that not much is going on. There was an emergency transfer because someone had to go home early for medical reasons and the sisters got all jumbled around so now we have 2 greenie sisters in the district. fun stuff. transfers are this week also. and i got moved to the designated driver list so looks like i may be leaving! but we'll see on thursday. I think thats all though. hope everyone has a good week!

Elder Taylor

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