Saturday, February 27, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Hey everyone!

not a super interesting week i would say, but some things did happen because of the new years.

So first, Serbia really knows how to party. And their fireworks are just like bombs. Like we thought the war started again and any minute we were gonna get a text from president telling us to get the heck out of there. But nah, just fireworks. And they threw a party in centar and the music was rocking our apartment then at midnight when all the fireworks were going off we looked out of our balcony toward centar and some of the fireworks they were shooting didnt even make it over the buildings. all we could see were the flash from the explosions. So that was insane. Then our neighbors downstairs were blasting music for there party so not a lot of sleep took place that night. It was kinda cool though not gonna lie.

But the next day was the best. We wake up and go outside and there isnt a person in sight. It was almost creepy quiet. Every single store was closed. The streets were littered with fireworks and other things. We walked through centar where the party was and that place was destroyed. They eventually brought street cleaners in but man, sremska partys way too hard.

Other than that we got a foot of snow the past 2 days and its still coming down so im pumped about that. And we're celebrating Christmas this week so should be a good week. But i believe thats all for this week. ─ćao!

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