Saturday, February 27, 2016

Jan. 11 2016

hey guys! Christmas was this week and let me tell you how that went.

So on the 6th we had a Christmas party at the church and like 9 none members came so it was a pretty solid turn out. the youth put on a play about the birth of Christ. Then we had a little mini banjak (i'll get to that in a bit) then they did this tradition where they throw straw all over the ground and the kids peep like chicks while the adults throw candy at them. they made me peep like a chicken. but the candy was solid. Afterward we headed down to the local orthodox church for the banjak. A banjak is basically just a giant bonfire and a priest blesses the fire and then people throw oak leaf branches into the fire and depending on how many sparks fly up is how much good luck they will have for the year. So that was an interesting experience.

After that we still had 4 hours until midnight mass so we just headed back to the apartment and chilled until we were supposed to meet a member at the church and head over to the orthodox church, but we fell asleep. soooooo i have no stories about mass. but the fireworks that woke us up were pretty sick.

Then we got to sleep in on Christmas day. so nice. And not only that i woke up so a blizzard and it was sick! my first white christmas and it was in a small serbian town. i wouldnt have had it any other way. So yeah that was nice. That night we went to some members house for dinner. We had a very traditional 5 course meal. 5 courses. i'll list them.
1. sausage and cheese
2. soup
3. sarma❤
4.pork and pickles
5.desserts. mostly fudge

then a giant loaf of bread that just sits in the middle of the table and if you want some you tear it off with your hands. all in all it was a good christmas.

other than that normal missionary stuff. talk to you guys next week!

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