Saturday, February 27, 2016


Yesterday I became an English speaker. not literally, that would suck after being in here 7 weeks, but in terms of time. I have become an English speaker because all the new engos that came in on Wednesday this week will be leaving with us on the 5th. So there's that.

Anyways this week i have no idea what to even talk about. This week has gone by so fast I was surprised to wake up and find today was P-day. It was actually quite the boring week.

Elder Matthews had surgery last Friday on his knee to remove the piece of chipped bone from his leg. And instead of staying an extra 3 weeks he will, at the worst, only have to stay 1 extra week. Most likely, however, he will still leave with us and stay in zagrab the first transfer. This whole situation with him was honestly a miracle because his first visit to the doctor they were almost positive he was going home.

We get our flight plans tomorrow! I'm super pumped about it. Even though i basically already know how im getting there just holding the itinerary will be so nice.

Skype this week was super awesome as well! We talked to 2 guys named Alan and martin. They're members in Zagreb and they are the funniest guys i have ever talked to. Brat Alan translates Disney books into croatian and was showing us all the books he translates. And brat matin really likes speaking english so he would try to speak in english with us and brat Alan would hit him and start yelling that he's not allowed to speak english. They both really liked to talk which is apparently true about everyone over there so i'm pumped haha. They were great guys and since last week i have made a lot of progress with the language so communicating this time was a lot easier. I was actually jealous of elder Geertsen and Jex though because they got to talk to an actually investigator and apparently it was a way cool experience. I haven't even been there and i love the people already. I'm so excited to finally get out there and get to work.

I think that's all i have for this week. Sorry it was just a really boring week this week. Volim Vas!
-Старешина Тејлор

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