Saturday, February 27, 2016

2nd Week MTC

So just to start it all off i just wanna say this week was like 10x better than last week. That whole first week of adjusting was kinda hard for everyone but this week a lot of progress was made.

Sunday was amazing. The topic for that sunday was the atonement so of course every meeting and lesson was extremely powerful. And have i told you how sacrament meeting goes? So everyone just prepares a talk for sunday and then you dont know if youre giving one until the middle of sacrament meeting when its time for talks and the branch president calls you out of the congregation to give one. I haven't given one yet but we'll see how long that lasts. the purpose that everyone prepares a talk is so once youre in country you have 9 talks to translate and give wherever you are.

We've also started to learn the cyrillic alphabet and its actually really easy. i got it in a day and we use the serbian hymnbook now whenever we sing at the beginning of class. We also started teaching our new investigator, valentino,(all of our investigators are our teachers that play the roles of investigators they taught on their missions). Lessons are really starting to become better as we get better at the language and start to teach with the spirit and teach to the needs of the investigator aside form just shoving doctrine downt their throat because thats all we knew how to do, haha.

On monday our district hosted the knew elder missionaries and that was super cool. Aside form just a regular journal that i have been keeping which at the moment isnt very eventfull because every day here kinda seems exactly the same, i have been keeping a personal study journal for the personal study time i have in the morning. Best thing ive ever done. i start every day with a question and throughout my studies and prayer ill write scriptures or revelation concerning the question and mark it according to lessons in PMG. Also i have begun reading Jesus the Christ and that book is amazing. Its so dense with facts and insight I had never even considered. Highly recommend it.

Me and my district also started to english fast, which is super hard because all we know how to talk about is the gospel pretty much haha anyways we have been getting way better because of that.

Heres a cool story for ya, We went to the police station,(mea ns 3 others from my district) to get background checks(and no i didnt have to finger print) and as we we're waiting outside for the van to come pic us up, whitch took like an hour, we saw a woman, divorced, drop her screaming child off to the ex husband and step mom and it was super sad. Once the van showed up we go walking down and the woman is still there. She calls us over and asked if we witnessed any of that, we say we did, and she explains he was abusive and cheated and whatnot and is apparently trying to get full custody of the kid (he looked about 7 or 8) by saying she was an awful parent. So she asked if at all possible we could testify in court, we said yes; she gave us her info and we left. So not only did we get to leave the MTC campus for a solid 2 hours, we may get to leave again to go to court. So thats sick. Its amazing though how things happen like that.

so yeah.. i miss you guys! hope your first day of school was good! wish i could be there!

Volim Vas!

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