Saturday, February 27, 2016

First Email

Finally get to write to you guys about what has been going on this week. I'll tell you as much as i can but if i forget something let me know so i can just write or email you about in next time. Anyways the MTC has been amazing so far. The first couple of days were pretty rough not gonna lie with the language trying to teach in it starting the third day and your teachers teaching in only hrvatskom and getting adjusted to the schedule but like everyone was saying, just make it to sunday. And here i am a week later and i can already give a basic lesson, pray, bare my testimony and carry a conversation. My testimony and knowledge of the spirit has grown so much in the short time i have been here. It is everywhere, you almost hace to try to not feel the spirit and i love the feeling so much. but im sure you want to hear about my district and zone. There are 13 people in my district! 11 going to the trio(croatia, serbia, i bosnia) then 2 going to slovenia speaking slovene. The whole district itself is filled with a bunch of great really smart guys. Like im the only one that got below a 30 on the ACT in my district. My companion, elder Bowles(pronounced bowls) is a music theorist and a really cool guy. lets see Starjesina eddington graduated school at 16 and goes to BYU. he does cancer research and is our district leader. then theres starjesina geertson, hillock, jex, lerohl, parkinson, winfield(hes from australia hes so funny), matthews and deleew. The temple was amazing today and i finally got to eat some good food. i dont know what it tasted like before but people say it got better so i would hate to taste what it was like then haha. let me run you through the first day, The first day they brought us in and got all our stuff, went to the room got my stuff for class and for the first hour youre learning your language and its intense because they speak no english to you. dinner, then as a group you go to and introductory meeting then split up and talkt to three different investigators. The next day is more random little meetings that were kinda pointless, our branch pres. said they were thinking of getting rid of it, anyways then regular schedule starts. 12 hours a day of language study and lesson planning for your inevestigator with an hour of gym time thrown in. wake up at 6;30 and get breakfast then straight to class, get back to dorms at 9;30 then lights out at 10:30, Hmmm i guess i'll end on areally cool spiritual experience. Tuesday at district devotional we were having a testimony meeting of sorts about the MTC devotional earlier. It got messy. Everyone was crying. so many spiritual promptings and revelations were had and although i feel i cant say exactly what happened, i must say the veil was very thin there that night. ja znam u crkvu ya instinita. Volim Ste!!


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