Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Feb. 2016

So.. I am not as computer savy as I think I am. this is Elder Taylors last letter. we are praying this baptism pulls through. He sure makes us proud. Enjoy

Oh boy guys this week was something alright.

Where do i begin? So this week has been really rainy and hard on the work. No one is outside, everyone is grumpy. Not good. Our english student has rejected the invitation to meet with us. But we're still friends and he still comes to english. Hes a cool guy and we'll keep working with him. But this week was just not looking good. Until we got a text.

Early into December a man came to church by invitation from a member. he was interested and took a Book of Mormon and had even started reading it. However he said he was moving to slovakia. So we were pretty bummed. However he never moved. he continued to come to Church and even some activities but had never wanted to meet with the missionaries for some reason. Until this week.

So we get a text from him saying he wanted to meet us later and that was a huge relief because we had just had a rough day of work that day so it was good to actually teach instead of find. And at this point i had never had a sit down lesson with anyone. Anything I had taught had been in a street contact so i was pumped. Long story short we meet and teach him about the restoration and talk about the Book of Mormon and prayer and the spirit was almost tangable. So we soft committed him to baptism.

2 days later we meet with him again and for reasons which shall not be named i had to take some benadryl so I was dead tired. I dont really remember most of that night. but the second lesson we taught plan of salvation and it was received really well so now his is on date to be baptized on the 11 of March. All in all we ended up meeting up 3 times just this week and he is progressing like no ones business he reads he prays. its just fantastic to see someone find happiness in the gospel.

Other than that a really less active has started coming back to church. he got married and had a kid and he wants the baby to be blessed in the church and the family is becoming interested in the Church(hes the only member). Have miracles ceased? no they have not.


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